Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teen Mom Pornstar Now??

A Teen Mom’s Path to Porn

So it's all over my twitter and facebook news feed that teen mom Farrah Abraham did a porno hmmmm i have my input that if your a mom you should NOT be doing pornos . i honestly think she did it for attention come on now usually when people do a sex tape they do it with someone they know NOT hire a real male porn star to star with you in it. she denied it then came clean and said its true but if you want to buy it you have to cough up 2 million dollars hmmm someones a little thirsty in my eyes . even experts agree with me " while sex tapes are nothing new in the scandal drenched Hollywood community, some argue that hiring a "pro" orchestrate a fake sex tape is evidence of a whole new level of desperation.   " i think she should be more worried about being a good mother & making a better life for her & her daughter instead of doing pornos & getting bad titles of being a bad mom or a whore . yeah not something to be proud of i would say ! 

- Izzy Cutler .

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